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Thread: Aspergers: "catch-all" diagnosis?

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    Re: Aspergers: "catch-all" diagnosis?

    Quote Originally Posted by atrasicarius View Post
    From personal experience, I would say that a lot of the kids diagnosed with various forms of autism are just late bloomers and introverts. I would wait until at least post-puberty to make a diagnosis like that, especially since there's not really any treatment you would want to start at a young age.
    In true cases? No way on God's green would the parents survive the wait.

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    Re: Aspergers: "catch-all" diagnosis?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kal'Stang View Post
    In my opinion and personal experiance, 9 times outta 10 if a child misbehaves constantly it is because the parents spoiled the crap outta the kids or did not or were too afraid to properly discipline the kids.
    So how did you handle it with your own children?
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