With eyes on the future, CBS News president David Rhodes & chairman Jeff Fager remind staffers of CBS News glory days - TVNewser

I first heard about this watching a snippet of O'Reilly talking to some ex-CBS guy who was saying CBS is giving up the non-sense and going back to a Kronkite style hard news format. He also went on to tell a story/anecdote of one of Kronkite's producers at the time who said, the staff at CBS never knew Kronkites views or opinions and only after Kronkite left CBS did anyone know he was a hard left liberal. Not that it mattered as Kronkite was the utmost professional journalist who told the facts as they were - reported was was reportable and did so no matter his personal opinion.

IF CBS can reproduce that today, I think they will see an uptick in viewership. If they try to do this half-heartedly, it will surely backfire.


If CBS goes to a hard news format, would you watch?