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Thread: Should states have the right to secede?

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    Re: Should states have the right to secede?

    Quote Originally Posted by Your Star View Post
    True, but it doesn't matter now.
    Sorry, I have been busy the last day or so. First, answer me where it is mentioned its not legal? Its not. There is no line in the paper that says secession is illegal or that the federal government can stop it from happening. The only real difference between the AoC and the constitution has always been who has the greater hand when talking about states vs people. It has always been a question of the tenth amendment, not a question if it is constitutional. I think when you look at the founders words they never actually said one way or the other but what they did say they didn't desire the states leaving. I believe this is why they changed the words in the preamble to include the words we the people to declare a changing of the highest order. I don't believe, nor is there any evidence of that they shifted the power way from the states to the federal government in this regard.
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