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If you work for somebody else and you violate their personnel policies & procedures, you're going to pay for it, possibly with your job. The constitution does not protect employees who violate their terms of employment. Free speech means one cannot be imprisoned for calling the president a dick, or for criticizing the government itself. Free speech doesn't cover embarrassing one's employers or breaking company policy.
Not to beat this episode to death, but Halpirin's biggest offence was that he trusted the two hosts. He wasn't going to make that comment initially and he did so only after Scarborough assured him it would be trimmed/clipped out. Came across as almost of fun spirited dare. The way MSNBC handled it was probably predictable but a little wormy. Scarborough had as much or more culapbility for the incident as Halpirin. (But the best part genuinely was when the female host went into a semi-shock giggle fit.... )

The good news is that I doubt this did any harm to Halpirin's career. He seems to me a standup guy who takes broadsides at both the Left and the right. Enjoy his column in Time each week.

And you're right about the Constitution/Free Speech angle.....doesn't even remotely apply to this incident.