View Poll Results: Would you sacrifice yourself? [Multiple Choice]

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  • For a loved one's life?

    21 91.30%
  • For an innocent's life?

    9 39.13%
  • For anyone's life?

    4 17.39%
  • To protect a person from non-fatal harm? Please explain.

    4 17.39%
  • Do nothing?

    1 4.35%
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Thread: Would you Die?

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    Re: Would you Die?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wake View Post
    I am so very dubious, DiAnna.

    Watch out for my diabolical thread on evolution.
    Start a thread about feminism, instead.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wake View Post

    Good point. But does that make it right? It can be so frustrating asking philosophical questions whose answers will never grace your soul.
    Certainty is rare in this universe. We know for certain that we will pay taxes and die, for instance. But morality, philosophy, and religion have limitless view points. I've always hated subjectivity, and yet so many things in life are subjective.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wake View Post

    It is how certain humans behave. Even if all humans behaved in such a way, does that make it right? ...

    No, most humans behave this way, and right and wrong don't really matter much in this world. He who has the gold makes the rules. (And writes their own version of history).
    “In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” -Napoleon

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    Re: Would you Die?

    Nothing up top that describes me.

    First, I'm kind of with Temporal. I think people who absolutely say they would do this or that have no way of knowing unless they've been there. In this particular sense, I haven't been.

    So, strictly in theory. Would I die for just anyone? No. I'm a person too, and I have worth as well.

    Would I die for a well-intended genius who was working to make the world a better place? Yes. I actually have someone in mind who I would qualify this way. I find him annoying, but he's a better and smarter person than I am. If it were me or him, I'd vote for him.

    Would I die for someone I've known for a long time but seems not to care that much about their lives, and not be using whatever intelligence they have? I gotta say no. And I have someone in mind for this too. He doesn't care that much about how he affects people around him, and he doesn't care that much about doing anything in the world. If it were me or him, I'd have to vote for me.

    Whether or not I am willing to remove myself from the world depends on whether the person I am saving is more likely to do more positive work than I am. That is my criteria.

    I don't pretend that I know exactly what I would do in a real-world situation, and I don't pretend to know if I would be able to be as objective about that in the moment as I can be sitting at my keyboard.

    But dealing with the theoretical of who I would die for, I weigh myself and my positive influence and potential against the person I would be saving. Because I am worth just as much as anyone else. Simply being willing to die for anyone may or may not be the decision with the most positive outcome.

    Everyone being here has an effect. I would try to aim my decision in the direction of "which one of us being here will do the most good?"
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    Re: Would you Die?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wake View Post
    1. Would you sacrifice yourself to save a loved one?
    Possibly. Depends on circumstances.

    2. Would you die for an innocent person?
    Not a chance.

    3. Would you die to save any person?
    Only the Mayor's children earn this honor.

    4. Would you die to see any of these three escape harm?
    Duplicate question.

    Because the Mayor's children are his personal responsibility.

    No one else is.

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