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Thread: Plastic Surgery for Children With Down's Syndrome.

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    Re: Plastic Surgery for Children With Down's Syndrome.

    Quote Originally Posted by X Factor View Post
    I saw that. I remember the little girl who said she didn't want the implants. She seemed heavily influence by her parents to me, like she just wanted to make them happy. I guess I don't understand really though, why someone would choose to be deaf (or choose it for their kids) if they didn't have to be. I can see rallying around your disability and trying to make it a positive if you have no choice but to live with it. But who would choose to remain blind or deaf over having sight and hearing?
    There is a follow-up documentary on the family. They end up getting the implants for themselves. Their lives are just fine afterwards, but the question remains. The question for those two communities is just a more organized version of an argument that would likely come about if the opportunity expanded to other disabilities.

    If you were to ask me if I could get rid of my own disability (not in the aforementioned categories), I would hesitate, but in the end likely say no. It is not necessarily living with just impediments, it can also mean accepting or loving the possible benefits that seemed to come from it-the adaptations or perhaps strengths that were stronger than other peoples'. This is not even dealing with the identity it helped give me (for the better, I think), nor to the viewpoint I have with it regarding man and his ability to become more like God than he possibly deserves.
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    Re: Plastic Surgery for Children With Down's Syndrome.

    I dont support it even though I can understand the paren'ts thoughts and feelings behind the decision. If the motion goes from "children" to "adults", then I fully support it, but parents can't make the fullest decision of their child, no matter how well the parent knows the child
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