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  1. I ran into my friend today and she reminded me she is Navajo, but she said Apache and Navajo language are quite similar. She told me a phrase I shoudl pass on to you. I think it was Wa ta hei. I thought I would remember but I'm not sure. Should have grabbed a pen!
  2. That's wonderful news, Red Crow. Congratulations!

    I work with a very dear lady whose family comes from New Mexico. I believe she did tell me a few years back she is Apache. I'll have to ask her if she's Chiricahua, too.

    I'm reading a Texas history book, and I know the Lipan Apache were prominent here, with the Comanche and Caddo.
  3. No my friend, I am not Hawaiian I am a Chiricahua Apache Indian and I just visited Hawaii while on leave last month , matter of fact I am getting out of the USMC in March and marry my beautiful Hawaiian girl next Summer. I've been to Hawaii several times and I also love their culture and their love for nature. They are very sweet people.
    Have a great week my friend.
    Kind regards,
    Red Crow
  4. Are you Hawaiian? Or do you simply like Hawaiian music? Fun videos you're posting.
  5. Thanks!!
    I am back, I was very busy for a month and then I took another month's leave and I just got to Camp Lejeune on Friday. I am getting out in March. Eight years is enough. lols

    Thanks for the note and will be seeing you around. :-)

  6. Red Crow! I was just wondering about you the other day. Glad to hear things are well.
  7. Everything is well my friend and thanks for the note.

    With my kindest regards.

    Red Crow
  8. Red Crow! Thanks for stopping by. And for the points. Hope all is well there, sir.
  9. Excellent taste in music and wisdom. Kudos!
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