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    I'm sure I don't know Frobisher/Doc, I vaguely remember someone by that name on PF. This isn't a sub-forum - DP is a Forum just like PF - which I left because the mods there were unbearably right-wing leaning and though they didn't ever ban me, they kept deleting my posts for no reason. They couldn't stand when someone stood up to their "faves". Sort of like they did with you. I haven't been to PF in quite a while, so I don't know about the post you are talking about.
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    Well Hello! I believe you've got that wrong, you can't welcome me, because I've been here longer than you, bwahahaha! And, I've always been moderate - most cons consider anyone that doesn't agree with any of their views to be "Liberal" - but I'm far from that. And, I don't even think JOMV posts on this Forum, much less a moderator, so you must be confused, nothing new, huh. And who is Chuck Frobisher? Are you talking about ChuckSchmidt?
  3. (character limits are such a drag)
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    As to your last paragraph comments, I'm most interested in looking for subliminal influences in political management and discourse. For me, the propping up of Great Leader was an excellent example of such. Out of nowhere, the odds-on favorite (Hillary) was shunted aside by outside forces of great influence and the naive among us sold a bill of goods about a single term senator of completely dysfunctional background being the ultimate Saviour for America. His promise? Hope and Change, a non-specific prattle of vacuous words signifying little of actual substance, but calculated to appeal to the dreamy-eyed who see all through the rose-colored lens. Fantastic job of selling an empty suit or in another manner of speaking...delivering us the hollow Emperor who has only clothes as a book has a cover and nothing of substance beyond that first appearance.
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    I'm interested in serious debating of issue of import with factual content that can be susbstantiated by reference. Most are here to merely spout partisan rhetoric and/or to exist as irritants only getting their kicks from that.

    "nasty" and "superior" are your impressions of me, but why not ignore that and deal DIRECTLY with my response/s. Get past the personality issue you perceive. All is not always what it appears to be.
    I'm looking for your intellectual response and ignore the emotion part, which I turn around and redirect to you as a provocation. I'm probing. I want to see just what YOU BELIEVE. Simple.
  6. On your perception of what I did when first we confronted. I think I've stated this before on a post or two openly in the forums and you may have missed it, but when I first come on to a new site, meaning new for me, I like to test the waters so-to-speak and get a feel for the "regulars" I observe posting. To do so I sometimes make provocative posts to test reactions. In my case what you observed had all to do with that and nothing at all to do with propaganda or dissemination of such if I'm reading you corretly there. That opening tactic of mine always finds great disfavor with the mods as a form of personal attack and I usually rack up Michael Jordan like infraction numbers quickly, as I did here. That reaction let's me know if the site is partisan moderated or (as here) over-moderated and helps my decision as to whether I stay or move on to more tolerant territory. (continued)
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    Hi, just thought I'd drop a note here, out of the fray as it were.

    You are one of the people who intrigue me here.

    My first encounter with you was on one of these beck threads. I was commenting, as I usually do on "persuasion", propaganda elements in threads. You blasted me for "hijacking" the discussion about beck and then proceeded to post more than one wall of text about your communist theories. Hardly sporting.

    And you know, the way you write it would be fun to engage in verbose smack talk with you (which I was half attempting to do in this recent engagement). But ya just get nasty and superior. At least I was trying to be clever.

    I would really like to hear what you think about propaganda in this country. PR, persuasion, messaging, framing, the whole lot. With special emphasis on all the new stuff they've learned since the neurologists and the psychologists got the ability to observe the brain at work, in realtime.
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