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The Palestinians have been supporting a two state settlement based on the 1967 borders since the 1970's , that's the de facto recognition of Israeli sovereignty .

As for the legitimacy argument consider this

Would you expect the first nation Americans to recognize the legitimacy of their displacement and dispossession in the creation of the USA ?

Are you aware that Gandhi never recognized the legitimacy of the partition of India into India and Pakistan ? The creation of the Pakistani state

Should we insist on holding the Palestinians to a higher moral standard than Gandhi ?

If you understand that the chief motor of the Palestinian Arab antagonism to Zionism was the fear that its realisation would engender their dispossession and displacement then the whole picture changes and the irrational becomes rational


This "de facto recognition" in the 1970s?


Incidentally, can you link me to where Gandhi told his followers to strap on bombs, sneak past soldiers and blow up children? or where he incessantly trained society's children to embrace a death cult and dream of dying while murdering people? Where he taught that the filty feet of the Pakistanis should never be allowed to remain in Pakistan and that the Indian people should sacrifice everything to drive the Pakistanis into the sea?

It's like your post is from a bizarro world where everything is exactly the opposite of what it is here in real life...