Earth & Beyond lives!

  1. Kal'Stang
    For those of you that played Earth and Beyond before EA shut it down to work on thier pet project (sims online) I'm here to tell you that it is BACK! With the hard work of the various devs they have rebuilt E&B from scratch. It is currently in stress test and anyone and everyone is allowed to join in.

    Yes there are bugs...what ya expect? They had to totally rebuild it from scratch while working normal jobs ta boot! But generally the game runs fairly smoothly for me. All races/classes and ships are available. Including the ones that no one ever got to play in live.

    Due to legal reasons they do not charge ANYONE in order to play. Though of course donations are welcome but not needed in order to help cover the costs.

    For those that have never played nor even heard of Earth & Beyond come see what it is all about! A brief summary follows....

    This game is set into the far future when humans are able to travel in space. During a great war Humans were divided into three races.

    The Progen: Genetically cloned individuals that value strength and where the words "might makes right" is not just a saying. They're the slowest class but they more than make up for it with firepower.

    The Terrans: Ever watch that cartoon with Scrooge McDuck? You know..the duck with the huge ass money bin that he always swam in? That pretty much explains Terrans. They value money and trade. They're the fastest class out there and can kite a mob so good that they can quite possibly never even get hit once. (if done correctly )

    The Jenquai: The intellectuals. The "ninja's". They're great at sleuthing around and exploring the galaxy without their enemies detecting them. They are the weakest class in the E&B universe but they make up for it with the ability to go places where the Terrans would be afraid to go to and the Progen actually can't fight through due to shear numbers. While the Jenquai are faster than Progens and slower than Terrans they have the unique ability to use a worm hole to get to various places a HECK of a lot faster. Unfortenately only in designated areas. However thier ability to mine astroids, gaseous clouds and the like are totally unparrelled.

    To top it all off all of these races have one common enemy. Which if they don't realize that, it will utterly destroy all life. Beware the V'rix!

    Earth and Beyond Emulator forums link here.

    The forums will tell you everything you need to know in order to get going in your very own starship.
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