what will happen if Russia join EU

  1. Kalle
    Russia have many resourse i n oil and this bring them ally in EU. many countrys already i n EU say Russia meet the Kopenhägn accord economique to qualify. some who d o not agree say Russia is not in europe but it is like Turkey with some part in europe. Russia is powverful with it resourse and Putin and medvedev want in the EU. this will make Russia money much more value.
  2. kaya'08
    Russia is a very, very large country with a collapsing population. I dont see how it meets the Copenhagen criteria either. That country is very fishy with the whole dead journalist issues going on and the Moscow power struggle and the FSB's immense power, to me its just an old relic of the USSR. Its yet to fully grow out of its past Soviet shell.

    I think Turkey would be more beneficial for the EU. Turkey has major, important oil pipelines such as South Stream and North stream, aswell as the Nabucco pipeline. If the EU can get Turkey into its boarders, they essentially have one over the Russians and will increase largerly there power and influence in the region aswell as have more control over its energy security. Ukraine and Russia is not to be trusted IMO as far as gas goes.
  3. Elena
    "Dead journalist" is not an issue outside of a propaganda spin, neither is Russia's "collapsing" population rumors of which are much exaggerated... Undoubtedly Russia wants closer tiers with Europe, but becoming part of EU would be politico-economical suicide for Russia.

    1. So far the EU were absorbing the countries; as Russia is climbing back to one of the leading positions in the world with its own spheres of interests and strengthening former Soviet/Asian unions (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and Commonwealth of Independent States) I can't see it surrendering all that to the EU, and to what benefit?

    2. Russia has a unique geographical position and a lot of political experience working with, navigating between and bringing together Europe and Asia, it will never be just European, neither it wants to be.
  4. kaya'08
    I think its more fact than propaganda that Russia is a police state with a rather large distaste for journalists. Along with there recent state glorification of Stalin, a communist war criminal, id much rather they stayed in there little Eastern European hub then spread there influence into my country at the expensive of fascist EU.

    1. That is a baseless statement. Russia is NOT climbing back to superpower status. Its economical corruption and the rather anti-Russia sentiment in slavic Europe are its main obstacles, and its dwindling importance as a petroleum provider.

    2. Russia's geographical position is precisely what makes it ineffective. Too large, boarders on to many undemocratic nations, and the climates in most regions dont allow for any activity.
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