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  • America's Youth Revolution

    AYR or America's Youth Revolution is a group based on the idea of educating and assisting the youth of America into becoming well education voters and workers in a nation that has as of recently casted aside the need for education and the need for our future Generations to become well informed, well educated and well trained productive members of this nation and in turn has ruined our youths future by cutting education and cutting programs designed to help the children.

    AYR is about creating an Educational Revolution where teens are educated in the many different forms of Government and Economic Policies and are taught to think with their minds and hearts and not with their wallets. We utilize games, video's and music to reach the youth. Help us organize, help us educate, and help us grow a Nation of Youth ready to Vote!

    Last Activity: 01-18-15 11:07 PM

    9 member(s)
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    My Ning Site
  • Hard Bodies

    A group to help support and encourage healthy lifestyle changes. Post goals, questions, offer support and encouragement in what it takes to get into shape. Whether it's for weight loss or turning your fitness level up a notch, help yourself and others achieve their goals.

    Category: General
    Last Activity: 04-06-16 06:28 PM

    21 member(s)
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    I need an ass kicking
  • The Unexplained Mysteries Group

    To all the people who are interested in the paranormal, UFO ECT are welcomed here.

    Last Activity: 11-04-15 03:29 AM

    18 member(s)
  • Monty Python Fans

    For those who love Monty Python! Discuss your favourite skits, etc.

    Category: Humor and Fun
    Last Activity: 02-15-16 03:50 PM

    20 member(s)
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    killer joke
  • Israeli-American Alliance

    This group is for:

    I. Those who recognize and appreciate the cultural and historical bonds between the United States and Israel.

    II. Those who champion liberal democracies and their commitment to human rights.

    III. Those who affirm the unequivocal right of all sovereign nations to defend their country.

    IV. Those who denounce the terrorist organizations of Hamas and Hezbollah and the theocratic regime of Iran.

    We maintain these things in the hope that some day there will be peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

    Category: Culture
    Last Activity: 05-25-16 05:43 AM

    69 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    The Future of Israel
  • Tea Party Supporters of Debate Politics.

    A group of like minded intellectuals whom like the majority of Americans are fed up with Government spending and the erosion of our liberties.

    Last Activity: 12-28-17 07:54 PM

    33 member(s)
  • anarcho-capitalists

    For those interested in discussing anarcho-capitalism, an individualist anarchism that advocates private property and the non-aggression axiom.

    Last Activity: 09-01-17 11:35 PM

    6 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Coercive Trade
  • Restoration of Judo-Turkish Relations

    If you support the full restoration of the brotherly relations and historical ties of the Israeli and Turkish state, then join this group and show your support of our opposition to the aggressive Islamist agenda of the Erdogan regime.

    Category: Military
    Last Activity: 12-23-12 04:07 PM

    4 member(s)
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  • The Crew of the A.S.S. Plow

    Join the Crew of the A.S.S. Plow and give some comedic input. I am Rear Admiral Krump and the fellows who join are my semen. >.> i mean seAmen... at any rate... DEAR GOD THERES SEAMEN IN THE POOPDECK!

    Category: Humor and Fun
    Last Activity: 10-12-11 03:27 PM

    6 member(s)
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  • D&D fanz!

    Group description:I LOVE D&D

    Group description:I LOVE D&D

    Group description:I LOVE D&D

    Group description:I LOVE D&D

    Group description:I LOVE D&D

    Group description:I LOVE DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS!

    and i like dungeons for >.> quote on quote 'special' purposes...whip the slaves!

    Last Activity: 11-26-14 05:25 AM

    10 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Order of the Stick

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