Hello all.

So in late September I made a thread: http://www.debatepolitics.com/europe...mechanism.html

In said thread I presented the creation of a new bank... called the ESM. This bank would be a new institution that would operate independently, but in partnership, with the ECB aaaand... the IMF. The purpose? To bring stability. The real purpose? Debt. Perpetual, endless, debt.

The ESM = European Stability mechanism. For a detailed analysis of the most dangerous parts of the ESM you can check the link I provided above. There you will also find a link to the treaty in full, unaltered, from the official EU site.

Now, to business.

ESM starts buying supranational, agency bonds: Sources - Economic Times

The ESM comprises all eurozone states + PL + the UK. You may think you Englishmen are safe from the ESM, but you aren't. This is why the thread about the UK being all but gone from the EU is complete bollocks. Just like former socialist countries couldn't escape from under the iron curtain, nor can EU or EU partners escape from the EU.

The ESM will take money from you, the citizen of your sovereign state (as well as many others) and use it collectively to buy bonds from your own country... bonds which your country will have to buy back in the future. Why set up such a crazy system? Because some people want more money and they figured out that stealing from the middle class in Europe is the easiest way to get it. And they are right. the anti-ESM protests that have existed were mizerable. Mizerable. In most countries, the population is sound asleep. And finding information about how the ESM is progressing and what it is doing is very hard because nobody reports on it and moreover, their documents are strictly confidential. They do not respond to the EU parliament or the EU council or anyone. Even though, it was that EU council and the EU parliament which wrote and passed the treaty that enabled the ESM's formation.

So, pack your sh*t folks. We're going away. Not on trips or anything, but we're going away on the long and painful road to perpetual indebtedness. A modern form of slavery, facilitated by your own elected officials in the EU parliament and the elected officials of your own sovereign state. If you can call it that anymore.