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We Southerners aren't much better: We have a guy who wants to make it illegal for a teacher to mention that gay people even exist (it's a misdemeanor if they do)
Senate delays anti-gay bill, passes measure to study issue in Tenn. curriculum
You're article says nothing of the sort. While I disagree with leaving out homosexuality in the coarse, there is nothing barring a teacher from adding their own supplementary content. Even if the material doesn't count towards a grade, they can still include it so long as it doesn't interfere with the required material.

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AND a law that may pass that will let the Governor determine that any organization or group are materially giving aid to terrorists at his whim - providing no evidence to a judge, the state legislature or anything. This particular state senator wants to include Vanderbilt University on his list of organizations giving material aid to terrorists.
Ketron hands out anti-mosque video | The Tennessean | tennessean.com
I think the Governor is perhaps a little to close, personally, to the issue. While such a law may have merit, I'm sure there's a better venue to consider it.