This makes me SICK on a few levels!!! I wonder what type of person would steal an American flag!?!

Roy Farve reacts after a stranger brings him another flag to replace the one that was stolen from his front porch.

BREMERTON, Wash. - A Puget Sound military veteran who flew a U.S. battlefield flag to celebrate bin Laden's death is heartbroken after somebody stole it.

Directly across from the Bremerton Police Department, where flags are flying - somebody stole the flag and pole right off Roy Farve's porch - and it's not just any flag.

After Osama bin Laden ordered the 9/11 attacks, former U.S. Marine Roy Farve re-enlisted in the National Guard.

"We wanted to catch this guy," he says.

Farve witnessed the worst of war - an ambush in Iraq that blew off the leg of young gunner Daniel Desens Jr. Farve had served with Desen's dad in the Marine Corps.

"We were just trying to make him comfortable," Farve remembers. "In a matter of moments he passed away in my arms, right there on the battlefield."

Farve received the flag that covered his friend's coffin on the way to the morgue - a flag he treasured and never flew until this week.