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Thread: Senate Hawks Push for Obama Move Against Syria

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    Senate Hawks Push for Obama Move Against Syria

    Three of the Senate’s most enthusiastic hawks, Sens. John McCain (R – AZ), Joe Lieberman (I – CT), and Lindsay Graham (R – SC) have issued a joint statement on Thursday demanding that President Obama publicly order Syrian President Bashar Assad to resign immediately.

    The statement made copious references to Libya, which the United States launched a war against last month, and insisted that President Obama should take the same stance that “it is time for Assad to go.”
    Senate Hawks Push for Obama Move Against Syria -- News from

    I guess for Graham, McCain and Lieberman the blood of Libyans isnt enough they thirst for Syrian blood as well. You know because Libya is working out so well.
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    Re: Senate Hawks Push for Obama Move Against Syria

    What is the goal? What methods can accomplish that goal? What are the consequences of said methods? How much will it cost? What happens if things go wrong?

    It is depressing that we have engaged in 3 conflicts and are optioning a 4th without discussing these basic questions in the public arena. There are multiple valid approaches to dealing with the Syria situation, but without basic analysis we probably won't accomplish anything useful.

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