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Ha! Like Europe put the tourist industry out of business?

You don't for long. Each time we tried it, we experience a short-term growth bubble followed by a recesssion and greater debt.

We had deficit spending and we had rising unemployment when Clinton took office, it went down during his administration as seen below:

Depression's All Talk, So Far - Seeking Alpha

The U.S. Debt Ceiling: A Historical Look - Daniel Indiviglio - Business - The Atlantic

"In the United States, the fuel tax receipts are often dedicated or hypothecated to transportation projects so that the fuel tax is considered by many a user fee. In other countries, the fuel tax is a source of general revenue."
Fuel tax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yes, we have the lowest gasoline taxes in the industrialized world and you are bitching. Sounds like a personal problem to me!
I keep reading your posts in hopes of seeing an answer as to how your income isn't an expense to the Federal Govt. but the rich's income is? Now what is all this hogwash that you posted which says absolutely nothing. So what if we have the lowest gasoline taxes in the industrialized world, how much do we collect vs the industrialized world?

Like all liberals you worry more about revenue than how the money is spent. Why are gasoline taxes on budget just like SS? Do you understand what being on budget means?

Not surprising all the charts you show omit the last two plus years of Obama who is re-writing the record for spending, debt, and unemployment, none in a good way.