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Thread: Also American Patriots for more democracy and freedom in Germany!

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    Also American Patriots for more democracy and freedom in Germany!

    It is very good that American and European Conservatives start to fight together for the preservation of our still Western Christian Civilization. Maybe sometimes will be founded a United Conservative Party of the Western World.

    The common goal for a United Conservative Party could be:

    1. Fight against Islamization of the Western World.
    2. Fight against Liberalization of the Western Wold.
    3. Fight for Preservation of Christianity in the Western World.
    4. Fight for Christian Heritage, Moral and Values of the Western World.
    5. Fight against Communism, Socialism and other Leftism in the Western World.

    Here is an Example of successful co-operation between American and European Conservatives.

    The so-called tea-party-political movement in America to provide long been a sensation. Dozens of MPs have come in the last election on the ticket this non-partisan conservative movement in the U.S. parliament. And in Europe, looking for representatives of the tea-party movement for contacts in now critical of Islam and conservative values ​​spectrum. Several young representatives of this new political movement in America was so two weeks ago at a congress of the Vlaams Belang in Antwerp, where initial discussions were held with leaders of the German PRO-MOTION.

    In particular, with several leading student representatives from the ranks of the tea-party movement was one in Antwerp and the conversation, such as with the Chapter Chairman of the "Youth for Western Civilization" Taylor Rose. Agreement reached with European and American politicians not only in matters of immigration policy and dealing with the Islamization, but also in terms of threatened freedom of expression and association in Europe, especially Germany.

    There was great lack of understanding with the U.S. representatives on the totalitarian thought and speech prohibitions on "political correctness" in Germany, lead non-compliance to the total social exclusion or even prohibitions would. A demonstration for more democracy and freedom in Germany appeared therefore not only the American guests more than plausible and necessary.
    There was no specific commitment to attend and speak at a gig now from Taylor rose to the PRO-MOTION. It is specifically from the United States to arrive on 7 May take personally the state of expression and freedom of assembly and Cologne in Germany under the microscope.

    It is hoped that it the political establishment and public officials in Cologne, not just as "warmly" welcomed as guests of the international PRO-MOTION during the 1st Anti-Islamization Congress in 2008!
    The Full Story:

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    Re: Also American Patriots for more democracy and freedom in Germany!

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