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Thread: [BEWARE] Japan earthquake and tsunami prompt rise in Internet scams

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    [BEWARE] Japan earthquake and tsunami prompt rise in Internet scams

    Police and security experts are warning Internet users about the proliferation online scams seeking to capitalize on the tragic disaster in Japan.
    Even the Nigerians are rushing to cash in, at the expense of the victims in Japan. Here is an example:

    This one is pretty obvious, but there are many other that are not obvious at all, and if you are not careful, you may be enriching a crook instead of donating to victims. Here are some things you can do in order to make sure that your donations go where they are intended:

    1) Do NOT respond to ANY request for donations through your email. There are scams which will send you to a site that looks just like the Red Cross, but isn't.

    2) Be careful when going to an internet site, and make sure that you are on the correct site instead of a dummy site.

    3) Better yet, install a phishing filter web browser plug-in.

    4) Best? That one is easy. Call your local Red Cross by telephone, and offer your donation that way.

    5) Only deal with charitable organizations that YOU KNOW.

    6) If you are on a web site, and a popup appears in your browser, asking for money, then disable that popup, and add the domain to your blacklist, if you have one.

    7) For a list of legitimate charitable organizations, go to the Google Crisis Response web site.

    8) Do not give through ANY social media site, such as Facebook or Linkedln, as fake accounts, asking for money under false pretenses, are growing fast.

    9) Do not allow yourself to be tricked, through social media sites, to visit pages claiming to have video of the crisis in Japan, as many of them will take you to pages for you to fill out surveys, which make money for these unscrupulous bastards.

    10) Finally, say a prayer for the victims of this tragedy, and also pray that God deals harshly with the bloodsucking vultures who are now circling Japan.

    I hope this helps.

    Article is here.
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    Re: [BEWARE] Japan earthquake and tsunami prompt rise in Internet scams

    I don't see why people wouldn't just donate on the official red cross website.
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    Re: [BEWARE] Japan earthquake and tsunami prompt rise in Internet scams

    Just when you think you have seen the worst scum at the bottom of the barrel someone lifts the barrel up and discovers another level of scum underneath

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