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Thread: Olberman Out at MSNBC

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    Olberman Out at MSNBC

    He was the top-rated host on cable channel MSNBC--and tonight he is out. Keith Olbermann announced on the air this evening that he was leaving MSNBC. The controversial host helped create the cable channel's left-of-center political identity and helped make the channel competitive. But there were rocky moments, most recently in November, when Olbermann was suspended for two days for making political contributions. Tonight company executives are saying the move has nothing to do with the acquisition of NBC Universal by cable giant Comcast, a deal approved earlier this week.
    One dittohead down. Waiting for word from FOX News that their own dittoheads are leaving. Guess I'll be waiting a very long time. LOL.

    But seriously, Comcast has Olberman at a disadvantage. They can get even by doing what they do best:

    1) Olberman ends up on another cable channel.

    2) Comcast puts that channel in a special premium lineup that costs about a grand a month to watch.

    OK, OK, ya' got me. I wasn't being serious.

    Article is here.
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    Re: Olberman Out at MSNBC

    for all the 'KO has been silenced!" and 'KO is being deprived of his right to free speech by da man!' posters...

    15-3 against you at this point.

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