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Thread: Panel to suggest cuts to Social Security, Medicare

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    Re: Panel to suggest cuts to Social Security, Medicare

    Quote Originally Posted by megaprogman View Post
    I had time to look at some analysis of this thing and I think we can do better.

    I largely agree with the cuts to SS and Medicare, however I strongly disagree with the changes in taxation, many of those deductions exist to encourage healthy behavior and should stay there.

    Otherwise, its pretty good.
    i strongly agree with the simplification of taxes, so that we can do away with all the loopholes, which corporations and the wealthy, alone can exploit ... placing the tax burden instead on the middle class

    i disagree with the SS approach that continues to cap incomes subject to contribution. those high earners are not disqualified from receiving SS benefits and their incomes should not be shielded from contributing

    medicare and medicaid expenses are not costs which can be arbitrarily divined, they are near market rates. my concern is the limited number of medical practitioners available to serve our medical needs and we are dependent on their availability to fulfill the public's medical demands. instead of ending the program providing funds for medical educations, we should expand it to generate more physicans and eliminate the artificial shortage

    otherwise, i was very pleased with the preliminary report's recommendations
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    Re: Panel to suggest cuts to Social Security, Medicare

    A tremendous column on the cat food commissions co-chair musings by Nobel winning economist Paul Krugman
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