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Thread: Social Security not as broke as we thought

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    Re: Social Security not as broke as we thought

    Quote Originally Posted by cpwill View Post
    which do you think more likele; reduction in benefits or increasing the cap?

    methinks those arguing for decreasing benefits are going to have to increase if not get rid of th cap in order to make it palatable.
    That's the point I would like to make...

    Republicans won over older voters and a lot of middle / working class voters - BUT if only the middle / working classes are asked to sacrifice, I don't think they'll be terribly happy.

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    Re: Social Security not as broke as we thought

    three words;


    problem is solved.

    IF you want the problem solved. If you do not want the problem solved but only want to repeal the 20th century, then by all means carry on and do nothing except oppose it.
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