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Yeah, I have a huge problem with people excusing companies performing immoral activity because of some contract.
How about the fact that it's a company providing a service and deserves to be compensated for that service. Wether you think they are charging too much for it is irrelevant. You don't get to set the price a company charges and those charges are clearly made known.

However, there is a cost associated with providing the service beyond just the bandwidt. They had to develop the technology (or pay licensing fees). They have to pay salaries for their employees. They have to pay for upkeep of the infrastructure. They have to pay the expense of launching the sat. Etc. IMO, they didn't have to reduce the bill at all, and it was just nice that they did.

It would be similar to me asking you to come out to my house and take care of my lawn, house, etc. You can do this after you get off your normal job, and I'll even provide all of the necessary materials. I'll of course agree to pay you $100.00 per hour. After i've used your service, i'll do what you think this lady should do and stiff you out of the money I owe. After all, it was just your free time, and didn't cost you anything.