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Thread: Afifi wants his congressman's help with FBI bug

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    Afifi wants his congressman's help with FBI bug

    I think if I found something stuck to my car that did not belong there then they only obligation I would have is to destroy that thing or throw it in the dump,especially if they did not have a warrant and then laugh my ass off when they asked for it back. Hopefully the supreme court rules that you need a warrant to place tracking devices to vehicles because there is this thing called the 4th amendment.Hopefully Afifi gets his congressman's help.

    SpyTalk - Afifi wants his congressman's help with FBI bug
    Yasir Afifi, the young Arab American in California who discovered an FBI tracking device on his car, hopes his local congressman, Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.), will help him find out why he was being followed.

    Afifi’s attorney told SpyTalk Tuesday night that she was drafting a letter to Honda asking him to meet personally with her client and then hopefully “put some pressure on the FBI to explain its practices.”

    Honda’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Last week Afifi retained Zahar Billoo, a staff attorney with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, an advocacy group, to represent him. Earlier reports suggesting that the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California was taking his case were erroneous.


    Afifi, now 20, returned to the United States alone in 2008 to continue his studies, according to reports. Now an international sales manager of laptops and computers for Cal Micro in San Jose, he travels often, Wired’s Kim Zetter reported. When FBI agents showed up at his home to demand the tracking device back, they indicated that they knew he was planning a trip to Dubai.

    Billoo said whatever the FBI’s suspicions about Afifi, it should be required to obtain a warrant to place a tracking device on his car.
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    Re: Afifi wants his congressman's help with FBI bug

    The really sad part is that the offending internet post that prompted the FBI's attention was made by a friend.

    And it was clearly just part of a discussion about terrorism in general. The topic came up that a mall is a more vulnerable place than an airport. So, having a friend talk about terrorism on the internet, while being the right shade of brown, is worthy of federal law enforcement attention.
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