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Thread: The BP Cover-Up

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    The BP Cover-Up

    The BP Cover-Up | Mother Jones

    BP and the government say the spill is fast disappearingóbut dramatic new science reveals that its worst effects may be yet to come....

    Despite an ever-expanding estimate of the volume of the spill, relatively little oil washes ashore at first, and only a small portion ever will. Instead, trapped in the deep, the oil fouls the ocean's twilight and dark zones: the mesopelagic and the bathypelagic (bathos: deep). After April 20, the dumbwaiter rising through the waters of the Gulf of Mexico will be ascending an ocean fouled with a toxic broth of oil, methane, chemical dispersants, and drilling mud. The relatively small amounts of oil washing ashore, and the relief felt when the surface oil began to dissipate, hardly account for the devastation being wrought in the dark world beyond our sight.

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    Re: The BP Cover-Up

    Try to think of them as AMOCO, then it's just bidness as usual.
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