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Thread: Boehner Golfing Billboard

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    Re: Boehner Golfing Billboard

    Quote Originally Posted by Barbbtx View Post
    Golfing seems to be more than just a hobby to Boehner. He has played with Tiger Woods and Tony Romo in the Pro-Am Charity golf tournaments. He has benefitted the Tiger Woods foundation and Local DC youth organizations.
    I would imagine he has to stay in practice to qualify for things like that.
    Does anyone worry about what other polititions do in their spare time? Hmmm... I wonder what Barney Frank does for a hobby?
    I notice there was no complaints about golf taking time away from Boehner doing his job, Just that he golfs a lot. Big deal.
    I hear he's a lollipop taster.
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    Re: Boehner Golfing Billboard

    lets see Boehner golfs while Pelosi schemes to steal more of my wealth and freedom

    tough choice who I would vote for

    BTW Boehner's going to win easily-the people who put that nonsense up are far left moonbats
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    Why would you not want to register your weapon?
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    , as long as you can own one or fewer guns, your right to bear a firearm is not being infringed upon.

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