Report: Iran obtains 4 S-300 missiles

Report: Iran obtains 4 S-300 missiles
Huh... itís rather an amusing situation donít you think?
Well I can see no surprising news in the fact that Belarus supplied two of the four missiles to Iran Ė Belarusian deranged President Lukashenko is capable of doing even greater sh*t imo. However the ďunspecified sourceĒ is something that made me wonder.
Actually some of my friends from the Media have already dug up some info about the case. And according to them the ďunspecified sourceĒ can be no one but Georgia which is actively selling its arsenals in order to redeem the national debt. Btw Georgia has in service the S-300 missiles which it got (!) from Belarus (well this is actually public info)!!
In fact my friends say that this is the usual way Minsk illegally sells weapons through intermediaries (Georgia in this case) to countries which are in opposition to the rest of the world as Belarus is now.
I think itís rather plausible, isnít it?