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Thread: Pot smokers outnumber prohibitionists in California poll

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    Pot smokers outnumber prohibitionists in California poll

    Excerpted from “Pot smokers outnumber prohibitionists in California poll” By Stephen C. Webster, the raw story, Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 -- 7:37 pm
    … [T]he real story is a separate set of numbers: 38 percent of respondents had used cannabis, while 62 percent said they had not. If only 36 percent of respondents opposed Prop. 19, that means, in a random sampling of 614 California voters, there were more actual cannabis consumers than legalization opponents
    That's interesting analysis although somewhat misleading; it implies that ‘active’ consumers of marijuana outnumber legalization opponents, but, that's not what the poll says. Rather, it tells us only 38 percent of the respondents have ever even tried pot. Wow. Burst my bubble. Somehow, I could not imagine many people escaping the teen years without having tried (and/or heavily indulged in) pot.

    At any rate, Californians seems poised to vote down prohibition and that's a good thing.

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    Re: Pot smokers outnumber prohibitionists in California poll

    Good for CA, but I don't know how much of a difference this will make. It's still banned under Federal law, and while I think that CA should have the right to do this, the Supreme Court said that the Washington beats out the states when it comes to marijuana restrictions. Obama has instructed Federal law enforcement to not go after medical marijuana, but I don't know how he or future Presidents will react to this. However, CA seriously considering lifting the ban on pot, however futile, is at least somewhat encouraging.

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