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I know its hard for you to deal with the fact that Obama is doing everything legal,
Ya... I'll tell you how lawyers will do, they'll tell you that you lost the house, the car, the kids, but you won the mortgage, the debt and the alimony.... and if you're not happy they'll get pissed off at you and call you a **** client.

but you can't simply paint everything you don't agree with as against the constitution.
Actually, the constitution was the document that describes how to keep this country free... so whatever works against that personal freedom is at the least against the intent of the constitution, and the vision it's authors had for the country.

As for the health care bill, the mandate is authorized by congress's power to regulate interstate commerce.
Of course it's the commerce clause... figures. You could use the commerce clause to say that every grown adult must use diapers, because the sewage affects the commerce of another state.

It's a bastardization of the intention of the constitution.

The mandate is a tax and thus it is completely legal.
Ask yourself, why did Obama have to lie about that? Why is Obama so heartset on breaking his promise of 'no new taxes'??

Arguing that Obama is violating the constitution is a joke. The guy was a professor of constitutional law for 12 years. I've said it many times, you are never going to catch Obama violating the constitution.
No, he's just going to spin the constitution out of existance, and then enact the patriot act when the people start to get uppity about no longer living in a republic.

He studied 12 years looking for loopholes to get rid of the american constitution... which is somewhere between sedition and treason (if he's doing this on behalf of a foreign power).

I mean, Bush slaughtered the first amendment, the second amendment, the fourth and fifth amendments... but he did so 'legally' as well... doesn't make it right.

If you guys love communism so much, move to china, russia or north korea... Let us keep this republic. Then we'll both be happy.