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Thread: 400,000 flee violence in Kyrgyzstan; US base threatened

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    Re: 400,000 flee violence in Kyrgyzstan; US base threatened

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Tammerlain View Post
    So what in the article do you take exception to?

    In other words what is not true?
    If I claimed that Obama hated America and cited an Alex Jones youtube as proof, no one would expect you to sit through 10 minutes of it and make a bullet point list of the things you found objectionable. The fact that the source is overwhelmingly biased renders its entire content untrustworthy.

    Similarly, I'm not sitting through a 10 minute video from Russia Today so that I can provide you with a list of points that I think it embellished or over/underemphasized in order to reflect the Russian government's viewpoint. There are thousands of reliable sources out there with information on the situation in Kyrgyzstan, so there's no reason not to use those as a platform for discussion.

    Quote Originally Posted by SE102 View Post
    Is RT state controlled?

    But on Russia Today, an English-language news channel begun in 2005 and financed by the Russian government, a more generous picture emerges. In this Russia, corruption is not quite a scourge but a symptom of a developing economy. And concerns about street thugs, poverty and Ukraine’s aspirations for European Union membership trump fears over Vladimir V. Putin’s grip on power.

    This Moscow-based channel’s view of Russia is available to 120 million television viewers worldwide. That includes 20 million in the United States since last summer, when Russia Today was added to Time Warner Cable’s digital package in the New York City region.

    The Russian government has already poured more than $100 million into Russia Today, prompting charges that Kremlin sponsorship affects its coverage. Andrei N. Illarionov, a former adviser to Mr. Putin and now one of his critics, last year called the channel Russia’s “best propaganda machine for the outside world.” The station is part of the state-owned news conglomerate RIA Novosti, and news organizations routinely refer to it as “state-run,” including The New York Times, which has said it was created to promote “pro-Kremlin views.”
    Russian News, English Accent - Up To The Minute - CBS News

    Interesting stories like the Russian art scene reported by John Kluver, one of the few Americans working for "Russia Today." A former CNN cameraman-turned-correspondent, he's still trying to learn the ropes.

    And he has no illusions about his employer.

    "When I talk to friends and they say, 'Hey John, what are you doing there? What's with the new project?' I usually describe it in English or in Russian as a propaganda tool for the Russian government," he says.

    Quote Originally Posted by SE102
    Also how is Russia directly involved in whats going on in Kyrgyzstan?
    The Russian government considers Kyrgyzstan to be within its sphere of influence. Russia gets very testy when other countries interfere in the affairs of its "near abroad," particularly where the country affected has strong ethnic ties to Russia or was a former Soviet republic. It threw a ****fit when the west got involved in Kosovo, but turned around and did the exact same thing in Georgia. It has apparently decided that its interests in Krygyzstan will be best served by allowing the situation there to play out for the moment, which means that nobody else is going to get involved either. I don't know that I necessarily blame them, but they, more than anyone else, have the ability to put an end to this.
    People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

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    Re: 400,000 flee violence in Kyrgyzstan; US base threatened

    Let's hope this does not have a major impact on the Transit Center at Manas since this is the best way to move troops into Afghanistan. Also, it is important for supplies into the area, and also for projecting power in Eastern Europe.

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    Re: 400,000 flee violence in Kyrgyzstan; US base threatened

    Ty RNYC I did not know that it was a state channel. Interesting.
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