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The sooner these people admit to being racists, own up to being human, the better off we will be.All this crap will be over when, as men, we state that there is one race, the human race...
The painting must stay, unaltered.
Right now, Arizona and the entire world have a long way to go.
To those who yell racial slurs from their automobiles, I'd say "remove your fat ass from your vehicle and repeat that insult again, to my face, if you are man enough(and foolish enough!")
I agree, so lets cut all of the social programs , diversity programs, etc. We all are just human.
I don't yell racist slurs. I don't support illegal being in this country. I don't like being told that because I am not a minority I have a (racistist) stance becuase I don't support every program or stance made by some minorities. Yes, it was out of line to refer to people as Taco, wetback, etc.
Will you at least give the person credit for changing his stance and saying the mural will stay as is. He was sorry for the incident. You man enough to accept this?