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Thread: House passes Beer Resolution

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    I think American beers have come along way in the past 20 years. New Belgium Brewing Company in Ft Collins Colorado, Blue Moon witbier or Belgian white is brewed by Molsen Coors in Golden Colorado and is one of my favorite American Beers. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company has an excellent Stout that I really like even more than Guinness Stout. They are located in Chico California.

    Most of the big American breweries such as Budweiser ang Miller do suck as Kandahar suggest. But some of micro breweries are producing exceptional beer.

    And the House was right to pass a resolution that makes the art of brewing beer a craft.
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    Re: House passes Beer Resolution

    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
    This calls for a beer summit

    I already said that in this thread.

    Stop copying me.
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    Re: House passes Beer Resolution


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