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Thread: Sweatshop Girl

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    Re: Sweatshop Girl

    Quote Originally Posted by cpwill View Post
    hmm, okay; lets pressure all developing nations to pass child labor laws so that her family will slide into deeper poverty and she and her siblings will instead starve to death.

    i'm sure that would be much more compassionate.

    we still don't get it. child labor is the historical norm; whether it be farm work, or helping mom to gather while dad hunts. it's our current developed system in which children aren't put to work at the age of 3 that is the aberration.
    The problem with that family seemed to be lack of family planning. The third world needs to be put on birth control...

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    Re: Sweatshop Girl

    The saddest part is that there are children who are even worse off. I'm referring mainly to poverty but there are also many children who are physically abused by their parents. There is much sadness in the world.
    If you expect people to be rational, you aren't being rational.

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