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So... you think we should monitor the hospitals' cost of doing business, but do nothing about problems ???

Why does one method have to be more cost effective than the other ??

Will the cost of band aids go down under health care reform ???
How the hospital does business has a lot to do with the problem. Again, they are passing the costs on to you, right now. That is part of the problem.

And two approaches to anything includes a comparison, and often one is better than the other. All actions are not equal. Both may fail, or both may do the job, but one will be better than the other in some way. This doesn't seem controversial or hard to accept to me.

As for the bandaids? I can't say for sure yet. We may not have done enough. But it should at least slow the increase. In the late 1980's and early 1990's, that bandaid cost $5. in a couple of decades it has tripled in cost. Reform very well could slow it down. And with more reform, it could decrease the cost. There would certainly be less reason for it.