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Thread: Anadarko posts new find in Gulf of Mexico

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    Re: Anadarko posts new find in Gulf of Mexico

    Quote Originally Posted by apdst View Post
    First, you claim that we've hit peak oil and there's no more oil being created by the Earth. When the idiocy of that argument comes shining through, you change gears and claim that the Earth can't create enough oil to keep with the demand.

    Which is it going to be?
    I never claimed we have hit peak oil did I

    If I did please quote it so I can be proven wrong

    Secondly in the time frame we deal with ie 100 years, the amount of oil the earth creates is miniscule in comparison to the amount we use.
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    Re: Anadarko posts new find in Gulf of Mexico

    Currently there is more oil remaining unrecovered than ALL the oil so far recovered.

    The trick is to be able to recover all the remaining Oil.

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