BBC News - Pope accused of failing to act on sex abuse case

The Vatican has stated that this is an attack on the Pope, I for one agree wholeheartedly with their assessment.
In any organization, the person in charge ie: CEO, MD, President, Pope is the person who is ultimately responsible for the actions / inactions of those people who are in that business / Organization.
The fact that this particular person before he was elected to be Pope decided to forgive a member of the Holy Roman Catholic Church who (one supposes) confessed (and was probably given x number of hail mary's) and a salutary slap on his limp wrist and then told 'go away' and sin no more, is very much an important issue.
In any other Organization a crime of this magnitude would not be forgiven nor indeed forgotten, the perpetrator would have been handed over to the civilian authorities .
The fact that in this instance this was not done, has caused many to doubt the Holiness of this particular Church or branch of Christianity.