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Thread: Caught on Tape: Selling America's Secrets

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    Re: Caught on Tape: Selling America's Secrets

    Quote Originally Posted by obvious Child View Post
    How about we first execute Israel's spies? I say we execute John Pollard first. Israel has been doing this to us far before China started. Let's start with the bastards who spy for Israel first.
    First off.. you don't want to start executing any other county's spies, that just starts a big reprisal loop thing and no spy work gets done.... everybody just loses a bunch of spies.

    However, if you find one of your own citizens spying for another country, that is called treason, and is usually punishable by death for the offender... and that does not start a reprisal loop.

    Blood thirsty little thing, aren’t you.
    There is no such thing as a “Natural Born Dual-Citizen“.

    Originally Posted by PogueMoran
    I didnt have to read the article to tell you that you cant read.

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    Re: Caught on Tape: Selling America's Secrets

    [ame=""]YouTube- Team Fortress 2 Meet the Spy Trailer[/ame]

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