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Thread: A liberal Dem and a blood libel

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    Re: A liberal Dem and a blood libel

    Quote Originally Posted by Gardener View Post
    Imagine that.

    Here we have a thread about a truly vile, despicable creature spreading the sorts of malicious rumors that have been utilized historically to propel the genocide of 6 million people and you are talking about WHAT, exactly?
    I was commenting on the author of the OP's article's lack of "good journalistic manner". Everyone pretty much agreed that the women is a looney, I didn't see the use of me joining the chorus. Then I made a very simple general truth statement: "just because something isn't covered, doesn't mean it's untrue". I can't see what's objectionable about that statement or that anyone can even disagree with it, so I don't understand the passive-aggressive responses.
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