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Thread: Marja: Operation Moshtarak Tests Obama's Afghan War Plan

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    Marja: Operation Moshtarak Tests Obama's Afghan War Plan

    Marja: Operation Moshtarak Tests Obama's Afghan War Plan

    The offensive, when it begins in earnest, will largely be conducted on foot. That's because the terrain surrounding Marja is latticed with canals built by the U.S. a generation ago to expand agriculture to 250,000 acres in the Helmand River valley. It also gave the region the nickname "Little America." The canals and ditches created a network of bridges unable to support armored vehicles and gives the Taliban good places to hide IEDs - the top killer of U.S. troops in Afghanistan - and snipers. They also turned the region into lush farmland that has proven ideal for growing opium-producing poppies.
    20,000 troops are going to send some hurt to the Taliban. Afghanistan's Fallujah maybe? If I recall, in Iraq, the Battle for Fallujah was a turning point. maybe this is going to be the same thing for Afghanistan...
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    Re: Marja: Operation Moshtarak Tests Obama's Afghan War Plan

    Al-Fajr wasn't the turning point in the Iraq War; the decision a year later to push in, clear, and then hold was the turning point. I would say that when Ramadi flipped it became evident we were headed in a different direction. We moved into Fallujah a year and a half after Al-Fajr, and we were seeing contact on a daily basis until we punched out into the city and held it, street by street. the trick won't be if we push through Marja; it will be if we stay in it, just like we did in Nawa.
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