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Thread: Spitzer raps Paterson, Obama, Gillibrand

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    Spitzer raps Paterson, Obama, Gillibrand

    Here’s a partial transcript from a clip provided by the station. After repeating his earlier assertion that the White House’s overtures to Gov. David Paterson to stay out of the gubernatorial race were “ham-handed and wrong,” Spitzer addressed reports that Washington figures are leaning on former Congressman Harold Ford Jr. to stay out of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s way:
    Eliot you had your chance to improve the state and you ****ed up. Your credibility with New Yorkers is pretty much shot. Even if you try to run for another office, Roger Stone will be on you like a fat man on a burger.

    Spitzer raps Paterson, Obama, Gillibrand - Capitol Confidential - New York Politics - - Albany NY
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    Re: Spitzer raps Paterson, Obama, Gillibrand

    Well said. I'm surprised any news outlet would give Spitzer the time of day, much less waste time and space with his opinions.

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