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Thread: Fears that World Cup could increase spread of HIV

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    Re: Fears that World Cup could increase spread of HIV

    Quote Originally Posted by The Uncola View Post
    Exactly what kind of mentality is required to celebrate the spreading of a chronic, life threatening disease to more people?
    I think the people who get the disease many of them just don't care about what else happens to them from having unprotected sex. So they engage in it at a more frequent basis. Also there are mongerers-those who travel to foreign nations for the prostitutes and adult life-those guys tend on not caring much for std's.

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    Re: Fears that World Cup could increase spread of HIV

    I was wrong.

    It seems the World Cup didn't evolve into a nightmare for guests, due in part to adding 55,000 more police... but regardless, it went off far better than I had expected... though 6 foreign journalists being robbed before the tournament began wasn't a very hopeful start.

    For their sake I hope the trend continues. The land has a lot to offer, but without security and peace, it won't mean much.

    It will be interesting to look at their crime rates in ensuing years. Hopefully they will report statistics honestly.

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