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Thread: Exclusive: Police Report on Gladney Beating by SEIU Thugs

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    Exclusive: Police Report on Gladney Beating by SEIU Thugs

    Exclusive: Police Report on Gladney Beating by SEIU Thugs

    Big Government Blog Archive Exclusive: Police Report on Gladney Beating by SEIU Thugs

    t has been more than three months since Kenneth Gladney was viciously attacked by SEIU employees. The assault wasn’t an accident, but a deliberate attempt to intimidate and silence tea party activists and town hall protesters. The morning of the Gladney assault, the White House presented to Senate Democrats a ‘battle plan’ to quell the protests. The White House advised Democrats “punch back twice as hard.” Gladney was the first casualty.

    The Gladney beating took place at a forum on ‘Aging’, sponsored by Rep. Russ Carnahan. Carnahan had been caught flat-footed by earlier protests. This time he was more prepared; the day before the forum, Sara Howard took over as his communications director. Ms. Howard is a veteran leftist activist, holding senior positions with SEIU.

    SEIU and partisan hacks like Media Matters have tried to spin away the Gladney beating. They would have you believe a 130 lb diabetic, recovering luekemia patient, picked a fight with men almost twice his size. The police report puts an end to that lie.

    Remember this?

    This is the America, that Obama is making, from my other thread on his calling me and other patriotic Americans who have a fundamental disagreement with his ideology "teabaggers" and gun clinging "extremists", racists. and anythng else we can remember, we now have the fact of the SIEU beating of a man, who disagreed with Obama's vision for remaking America....

    It's disgusting what is becoming of this once great nation.
    You should try to remember, ideas are conveyed by researching information, vetting sources, and confirming said information. Not by regurgitating talking points given to you by your "news" station.
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    Re: Exclusive: Police Report on Gladney Beating by SEIU Thugs

    Change is good.
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