CBO Estimates House Health Bill at $905B or Less

(snip ... ) Under the $905 billion version favored by liberals, compensation rates for medical providers in the government-run insurance plan would be based on Medicare rates, which are significantly lower than private rates. That idea, which Senate liberals also support, would hold down costs for the government, according to the CBO, but it would create a problem for providers in rural areas where Medicare rates tend to run much lower than the national average.

Under the $859 billion version, administrators would negotiate rates directly with doctors and hospitals, the option preferred by moderate Democrats from rural areas.

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Capitol Briefing - CBO Estimates House Health Bill at $905B or Less

If I'm remembering right, the House sent three versions to CBO, I'm not certain of that. Now I guess they have to decide which version to bring to the floor.

The last paragraph said the CBO estimates only looked at cost estimates, and not the impact on federal deficits, so I guess they haven't worked out which tax scheme to go with?

I'm getting tired of all the competing versions, I'm ready to see the final House and Senate packages!