Iran Has Secret Nuclear Plant

President Obama and the leaders of Britain and France "will accuse Iran of building a secret underground plant to manufacture nuclear fuel, saying it has hidden the covert operation from international weapons inspectors for years," the New York Times reports.

"American officials say that they have been tracking the covert project for years, but that Mr. Obama decided to make public the American findings after Iran discovered, in recent weeks, that Western intelligence agencies had breached the secrecy surrounding the project. "

Iran Has Secret Nuclear Plant -- Political Wire

The US, France, and UK leaders just had a joint appearance. I guess we're demanding immediate inspection by IAEA and more sanctions. Iran laughed at more sanctions in a statement they issued. Also, Iran sent a letter a few weeks ago notifying IAEA about the site, I guess they knew b/c they were busted. I heard it speculated that b/c they sent a letter, they're prepared to allow inspectors in (cleaned out any incriminating stuff already?).

I don't know. Delicate problem, here, apparently.