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Par for the course.

Here is his defense of torture using a cut-n-paste of an unspecified DOJ memo.


Of couse he didn't of expect me to know this was the infamous Bybee memo.
It was incredibly easy for anyone who has paid the slightest bit of attention or who used a modicum of critical thought to understand exactly where that quote came from. It's not my fault that you're incapable of understanding that.

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The only 'problem' that Right has laid out the case for is there's a big, giant, pile of money that he wants to confiscate to use to paof deficits piled on by irresponsible Republican past policies
For the last time, you are still having difficulties comprehending my point. I would ask you (again) to point out where I advocated for not paying back those "debts" or for taking them from someone else, but that would imply that I care what you say in response. At this point, I'm only embarrassing myself by bothering to respond to either of you.