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Thread: OMG! Beck Today 9-16

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    Re: OMG! Beck Today 9-16

    Anyone believe that the subject of this thread was supposed to be the exposure of yet another ACORN operative who was a blatant criminal.

    I wonder what went wrong

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    Re: OMG! Beck Today 9-16

    Apparently, the "murderess" is something of a kook and her ex-husbands are very much alive:

    Blowback in the ACORN Wars - Political Punch

    But when the Press-Enterprise newspaper caught up with ACORN employee Tresa Kaelke, she told the newspaper she was messing with the filmmakers and making it all up.

    "They were clearly playing with me," she said "I decided to shock them as much as they were shocking me."

    Reports the newspaper: "Since she claimed on the video to have killed her husband, two San Bernardino police homicide detectives interviewed her at the office Tuesday. Police said they have been in contact with Kaelke's former husbands and the homicide claims do not appear accurate.

    "'At this point, we can't prove that there's anything to her statement,' said San Bernardino police Sgt. Dave Dillon. 'We can't show that ever happened.'

    "One of her ex-husbands, Ronald Kaelke, 66, of Newberry Springs, said he was unaware of any investigation or that his ex-wife had made any claims of murder.

    "The couple divorced in 1987, but attempted to reconcile and lived together from 2002 to 2005, Ronald Kaelke said in a telephone interview. In 2007, the couple traded allegations of domestic violence and received separate restraining orders against each other, he said.

    "'As far as her murdering an ex-husband, that's news to me,' Ronald Kaelke said. 'She's definitely got problems and goes off the wall sometimes.'"

    Other claims made by Tresa Kaelke did not square with the newspaper's reporting.
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    Re: OMG! Beck Today 9-16

    Quote Originally Posted by Agent_Grey View Post
    What does she have to do with ACORN? Is it your suggestion that a majority of their memebers are simply immoral people? Why would they be uniquely slanted in that direction?
    Uh, she works for them? She made her statements while working for them? She made her statements while working for them, in their office?

    I think the the people working for them are engaged in a criminal enterprise, based on the available evidence, a situation generally deemed to be immoral. Plus, they're detestable parasites, of course.
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