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Thread: House putting off health vote till end of September

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    House putting off health vote till end of September

    POLITICO Pulse -
    The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder: “If you equate health care reform with a public option, then, well, health care reform is dead to you. There are a lot of angry liberals tonight. They are within their rights to feel aggrieved. ”

    Good Monday morning. EXCLUSIVE -- THE ROAD AHEAD: House staff is working this week to combine the three committee bills on health reform into one bill for the floor vote. They started out as one bill, and staff estimates they’re still 80 to 85 percent the same. House leadership tells PULSE the floor vote will be put off for a few weeks after members return post-Labor Day. This is so everyone can process the town halls away from the chaos, and to get a better bead on where the Senate is headed. The new target is a House floor vote BY THE END OF SEPTEMBER. That’s not a hard deadline, but it’s going to be a pretty firm target because leadership wants to do it this year, and doesn’t want it to hang out there too long. (!)
    Health care's getting bogged down in the House....again. And the internecine Anti-Republican feud over the public option has yet to be resolved.

    It is too soon to be certain, but there are hopeful signs the Anti-Republicans will shred themselves on this nonsensical mishmash they call health care reform.

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    Re: House putting off health vote till end of September

    One hopes. The future looks a little brighter.
    It's not "tolerance" if you already approve of what you purport to "tolerate."

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