Absolutely.. I have seen anger and I have seen obstructionism.

applicable in that order.

There are loons on both sides of course, but when individuals respond to lies and rhetorical slogans from their representatives, that would be anger.

When a group organizes with a specific intent to obstruct, that is reprehensible (CodePink, Acorn, SIEU).

When a individuals go out to find an organization to represent them, that is grassroots. IE: TEA movement

When an organization goes out to find individuals to represent them, that's AstroTurf. IE: Acorn

AND when you see obstructionist organizations send our recruited individuals (Acorn) out to shout down organized individuals... THAT is the lowest form of behavior...

WHEN representatives denigrate, and insult individuals, and display contempt for their constituents, you've got a serious problem. Such as we see today from the highest ranking representatives, in these childish attacks from Pelosi, Shummer, Frank and Reid... what are they like... 6?

These Rep.s are even publicly threatening Americans (Shummer), with a "nuclear option", shoving Bills down the throats of America without due course.. they have apparently not recently read the framing documents lately. I suggest caution to them in this regard in future reference as their polls are already tanking. Americans are seeing trough the liberal media rhetoric a little more clearly each day..