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Thread: Howard elections chief's son among copter crash dead

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    Howard elections chief's son among copter crash dead

    Howard elections chief's son among copter crash dead -

    he National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the cause of a fiery helicopter crash that claimed the lives of four persons, including the son of a Howard County elections official.

    State police said a four-seat Robinson R44 copter crashed on the eastbound lanes of Interstate 70 about 10 miles east of Hagerstown around 10:30 p.m. Thursday after it struck power lines.

    The aircraft's cockpit was engulfed by fire when emergency crews arrived at the crash site. The pilot and three passengers onboard were pronounced dead at the scene.

    Authorities identified the pilot as Jeffrey D. Nordaas, 24, of the 9700 block of Owen Brown Road in Columbia, the youngest son of Betty Nordaas, Howard County's elections administrator.

    Also killed were two other employees of Advanced Helicopter Concepts: George H. Tutor Jr., 39, of the 100 block of Opal Ave. in Westminster and Niall R.Y. Booth, 43, of the 6900 block of Meadowpoint Terrace in New Market; and a female passenger, Kim R. Felix, 48, of the 6700 block of Balmoral Ridge, also in New Market.

    Advanced Helicopter Concepts is based in Frederick, and the employees and Felix were returning home after spending the day offering helicopter rides to help raise money for troubled youth, family members said.

    What a Great Loss while I didn't know any of them personally I was also at the Airport with one of the T-45s and I actually got to hear a few of the Children discussion after their flights. For these children the fine folks at AHC made there day and came away with very large smiles on their face.

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    Re: Howard elections chief's son among copter crash dead

    Scorpion89, I have to admit. I have zero clue what you are aiming for.

    Did you see the crash?

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    U mad bro?

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    Re: Howard elections chief's son among copter crash dead

    Scorpion, please put quote boxes or something around the article content you are citing so that it's easier to identify your comments vs. the article text.

    You've been asked a few times to do this. All you have to do is left click and drag over the text in question to highlight it, then release the mouse button, and go up and hit the quote bock, it looks like a text bubble (to the left of the number sign in the tool bar above the field you are typing your post in).
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