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Thread: ‘Redacted’ version of The Interview not enough for North Korea

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    Re: ‘Redacted’ version of The Interview not enough for North Korea

    Quote Originally Posted by ReverendHellh0und View Post
    It's astounding what people will believe without question. opensource malware, random ip's, and now even the origional note has fake "kongrish" demanding a ransom. Only later did it morph into a threat from the NORKS...

    "We’ve got great damage by Sony Pictures.
    The compensation for it, monetary compensation we want.
    Pay the damage, or Sony Pictures will be bombarded as a whole.
    You know us very well. We never wait long.
    You’d better behave wisely.
    From God’sApstls"
    note the fake bad english, not how this went from blackmail to international incident. hmmmmm./
    With the FBI being very closed about the situation ( possibly, rightfully so ) we may or may not learn the answer; hell, it could be some kid sitting in a bedroom in Templeton Iowa sipping too much of that bootleg Rye Whiskey that's made there.

    Just for the fun of it, I'll stay with an inside job by an ambitious marketing genius.

    Great day to ya' RH

    Thom Paine
    Remember, on the other side of that screen is a real person. ( Missouri Mule )

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    Re: ‘Redacted’ version of The Interview not enough for North Korea

    publicity stunt after all.
    Quote Originally Posted by reinoe View Post
    Blacks aren't committing more crime. That's the point. They use drugs at similar rates yet they get harsher sentences and more convictions.
    Quote Originally Posted by CalGun View Post
    I disagree. Just because their drug usage may be no different does not mean their propensity to commit crime is the same or equal.

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